10pcs Micro Stainless Steel Bearing SMR52 62 72 SMR63ZZ 83 93 74 84 85 95 104 105 106 126 128zz Water – Sealed
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10pcs Micro Stainless Steel Bearing SMR52 62 72 SMR63ZZ 83 93 74 84 85 95 104 105 106 126 128zz Water – Sealed


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  • Material: Stainless Steel
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  • Origin: Mainland China

10pcs Free Shipping Micro Stainless Steel Bearing SMR52 62 72 SMR63ZZ 83 93 74 84 85 95 104 105 106 126 128zz Water – Sealed

Note: Different manufacturers, bearing type (code) will be different, such as 608Z=608ZZ= 608-2z =R2280ZZ=MR608Z=RV822 and so on, in fact, are the same size of 8*22*7(mm) 608 metal cover bearings, please take the bearing size as the main basis. You can consult customer service if you are not clear.

Bearing material brief introduction

[Stainless steel] Material: mainly: Austenitic type (304, 316, etc.) and Martensitic type (440, 420, etc.) Austenitic type: 304 material is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, strong corrosion resistance, but low hardness, can not reach the bearing capacity, generally not used as industrial grade rolling bearing raw materials, mostly used for solid decorative materials.

Martensitic: 440C material is magnetic, has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long life, especially suitable for food machinery, medical equipment, instruments, high-grade crafts, fishing gear and so on

At present, SUS440C stainless steel material has been used as the international bearing industry stainless steel environmental protection standard steel.

Our [stainless steel] bearing default: SUS440C material, can be customized to purchase non-magnetic 304 and other material bearings, please do not use magnetic to judge the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel bearings!

Bearing quality grade is briefly introduced

The main grades of bearings commonly used in our shop are: ordinary grade, motor grade, boutique grade.

Ordinary grade: bearing quality is national standard P0 level, in line with national standards, dimensional accuracy is less than ±0.1mm, speed is less than 500rpm, suitable for low speed, low requirements in the environment. Such as: transmission equipment, casters, strollers, toy cars, etc. Motor level: bearing quality is above the national standard POZ2 level. Dimensional accuracy is less than ±0.01mm, feel smooth, speed is less than 8000rpm, low noise, long service life. Suitable for motors, toy models, cars,

Power tools, pneumatic tools, telecommunications equipment, fitness equipment, sports equipment, etc.

Quality: the bearing quality is above the national standard P6ZV2. Dimensional accuracy less than ±0.005mm [can replace import], feel smooth, speed greater than 8000rpm, low noise, long service life. It is suitable for high speed motor, equipment, fine model, instrument and meter, precision equipment, high-grade toys and other fields with high requirements.

Note: Dimensional accuracy refers to the tolerance of the bearing size (such as the inner hole 8mm bearing, the ordinary grade size is between 7,9-8.1mm

The motor grade size is between 7.99-8.01, and the fine grade size is between 7.995-8.005) does not refer to the internal and external swing of the bearing. The default swing of the bearing is C0 group common standard clearance (8-15μm). Please contact customer service for special requirements such as small clearance or large clearance. Do not use the bearing swing to judge the bearing quality, the swing size is set according to different environmental technical requirements and bearing quality is not necessarily related.

More bearing knowledge, please pay attention to our store communication area

Please buy the right bearing according to the actual needs, any questions can feel free to consult customer service!

Radial clearance

●The size of the radial clearance will affect the producteffect.

● Radial clearance is represented by C.

● Clearance from small to large: C2<C0C3C2= 3-8u;CO=9-14u;C3= 15-25u

●Determine a more suitable clearance based on your product.

●The smaller clearance makes the rolling without shaking and swing-

ing, which can keep the product in a straight line state when rolling.

●Larger clearance increases the ultimate rotation speed of thebearing.


●Grease can lubricate bearings, and different grease willhave different density and temperature resistance limit.

Good grease will improve performance, reduce noise,

●(increase smoothness, lightness and service life.

● Our carbon steel bearings generally use Great Wall grease,bearing steel Z1 grade uses Snow brand grease, whileZ2/Z3/Z4 grade uses Japan imported Union grease.

● The company supports customers to customize non-standard bearings.

Dust cover

● The letter behind the bearing model number indicates that thebearing seal cover (dust cover) can be divided into three types.

● ZZ or Z indicates that the metal cover is sealed and used in occa-sions with good external environment and high speed requirements.

● 2RS or RS indicates that the plastic cover is sealed withgood sealing performance and strong dustproof capability.

● OPEN or no letter indicates "OPEN" no dust cover is suitablePlaces that require high speed or fast idling.

How to keep bearings:

Bearings in the factory are coated with an appropriate amount of anti-rust oil and anti-rust paper packaging, as long as the packaging is not damaged, the quality of the bearing will be guaranteed. However, for long-term storage, it is appropriate to store on a shelf 30cm above the ground under the conditions of humidity below 65% and temperature of about 20 ° C.

Bearing installation matters:

Bearings belong to high precision parts, try to avoid the impact on the bearing, knocking and falling; Too much dust environment will also have a bad effect on the bearing. Human sweat is extremely corrosive to bearings, so try to wear clean gloves when installing.

Bearing installation precautions:

1. Preparation: Clean the motor shaft and bearing seat to ensure that the surface is smooth and clean.

2. Apply lubricating oil: Apply lubricating oil in the bearing seat, and the type of lubricating oil is selected according to the bearing requirements.

3. Install the bearing: Put the bearing in the bearing seat, the bearing should be aligned with the seat, and ensure that the bearing is perpendicular to the shaft.

4. Install the bearing cover: After the bearing is installed, install the bearing cover, correct the bolt position, and tighten the bolt evenly.

5. Check the bearing installation: ensure that the bearing installation is firmly fastened and does not appear loose.

6. Lubricating oil: After the bearing is installed, apply lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the bearing.

7. Test run: After assembly is completed, test run is carried out to ensure normal operation of the motor, and check whether the bearing has abnormal noise or overheating phenomenon.

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