CHENHO Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor For Nissan Renault Infinit 407004CB0A
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CHENHO Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor For Nissan Renault Infinit 407004CB0A


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  • Material: Plastic
  • Model Number: For Nissan Renault Infinit
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • OEM NO.: 407004CB0A

CHENHO Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor For Nissan Renault Infinit 407004CB0A


  • Fitments:
    for Lada Granta 09/2012-06/2016 (433MHz)
    for Lada Granta 07/2016-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Lada Kalina 05/2013-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Lada Largus 10/2015-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Lada Vesta 01/2020-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Lada Xray 01/2015-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Nissan Qashqai 01/2013-12/2013 (433MHz)(J10/J11/P32S)-
    for Nissan Qashqai 01/2014-05/2018 (433MHz)(J10/J11/P32S)
    for Nissan Qashqai 06/2018-06/2019 (433MHz)(J10/J11/P32S)
    for Nissan Qashqai 06/2019-06/2020 (433MHz)(J10/J11/P32S)
    for Nissan Almera 01/2013-02/2019 (433MHz)(LB1A/G11/B10)
    for Nissan Atleon 01/2014-12/2019 (433MHz)(F91A/F91B/F91G)
    for Nissan B-EV 01/2014-12/2014 (433MHz)
    for Nissan C-Hatch 10/2014-06/2019 (433MHz)(B12L/C10)
    for Nissan Cabstar 06/2014-12-2019 (433MHz)(F91A/F24)
    for Nissan Cube 10/2014-06/2020 (433MHz)(X12B)
    for Nissan Evalia 01/2012-09/2020 (433MHz)(X11M)
    for Nissan Frontier 09/2014-06-2019 (433MHz)(H60A)
    for Nissan G-TR 01/2016-03/2020 (VDO 433MHz)(D52E) –
    for Nissan G-TR 11/2013-03/2020 (PAC 433MHz)(D52E)
    for Nissan Interstar 06/2014-06/2019 (433MHz)(X70)
    for Nissan Juke 06/2010-12/2019 (433MHz)(F15/P12C)
    for Nissan Juke 10/2019-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Nissan Kubbistar 01/2003-12/2009 (433MHz)
    for Nissan Leaf 10/2010-12/2016 (433MHz)(ZE0/B12G)
    for Nissan Leaf 01/2017-12/2017 (433MHz 407003HN0B)
    for Nissan Leaf 12/2017-06/2020 (433MHz)
    for Nissan Micra 03/2014-12/2019 (433MHz)(B02A/K13)
    for Nissan Micra 02/2017-12/2019 (433MHz)(K14)
    for Nissan Murano 06/2014-06/2020 (433MHz)(Z51/Z52/P42M)
    for Nissan Navara 01/2017-12/2020 (433MHz)(Y62)
    for Nissan Note 09/2004-12/2019 (433MHz)(J02C/E12/L11E)
    for Nissan NP300 09/2014-12/2019 (433MHz)(H60A)
    for Nissan NT500 03/2014-06/2019 (433MHz)(F91G)
    for Nissan NV200 09/2009-12/2020 (433MHz Continental)(K14) –
    for Nissan NV200 EV 04/2014-12/2019 (433MHz)(ME0)
    for Nissan NV200 11/2009-03/2014 (433MHz Pacific)
    for Nissan NV200 10/2014-07/2015 (433MHz)(M20/X11M)
    for Nissan NV200 08/2015-12/2020 (433MHz)(M20/X11M)
    for Nissan NV250 01/2020-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Nissan NV300 09/2014-12/2019 (433MHz)(J4/X82)
    for Nissan NV400 01/2014-12/2020 (433MHz)(X62)
    for Nissan NV400 Combi 03/2014-12/2019 (433MHz)(X61F)
    for Nissan Pathfinder 08/2004-08/2012 (433MHz)(R51)
    for Nissan Patrol 12/2014-12/2019 (433MHz)(Y62)
    for Nissan Primastar 01/2014-06/2019 (433MHz)(X83)
    for Nissan Pulsar 01/2014-12/2019 (433MHz)(C13M/C13/B12L)
    for Nissan QX50 02/2018-12/2019(PAC 433MHz)
    for Nissan Rogue 10/2013-12/2019 (433MHz)(T32)
    for Nissan Sentra 01/2013-12/2019 (433MHz)(L12F)
    for Nissan Teana 05/2018-12/2019 (433MHz)(L42L)
    for Nissan Terra 01/2018-12-2019 (433MHz)(Y62)
    for Nissan TERRANO 06/2014-12/2020 (433MHz)(H79N)
    for Nissan Tiida 01/2012-12/2019 (433MHz)(C11/B12/B11C)
    for Nissan X-Trail 11/2013-08/2016 (433MHz)(T32/P32R)
    for Nissan X-Trail 09/2016-12/2019 (433MHz)(T32)
    for Renault Alaskan 04/2017-12/2020(433MHz)
    for Renault Alaskan Pickup 11/2016-12/2019 (433MHz)
    for Renault Alpine A110 01/2017-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Renault Arkana 01/2019-12/2019 (SD 433MHz)
    for Renault Captur 01/2013-12/2019 (433MHz)(J87)
    for Renault Clio IV 06/2014-12/2019 (433MHz)(X85/X98)
    for Renault Espace V 01/2015-12/2020 (433MHz)(JFC)
    for Renault Initiale Paris 01/2015-12/2019 (433MHz)
    for Renault Kadjar 04/2015-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Renault Kangoo 10/2007-12/2020 (433MHz)(X61)
    for Renault Kangoo 10/2017-12/2019 (433MHz)(XFG)
    for Renault Koleos 02/2008-12/2015 (LCV 433MHz)(H45)
    for Renault Koleos 01/2013-07/2016 (Y 433MHz)
    for Renault Koleos 08/2016-06/2020 (433MHz)
    for Renault Laguna IV 04/2015-06/2019 (433MHz)(LFD)
    for Renault Latitude 01/2016-06/2018 (433MHz)(LFD)
    for Renault Master 11/2009-06/2020 (433MHz)(X62)
    for Renault Megane IV 01/2016-12/2020 (RFB 433MHz)
    for Renault Oroch Pickup 01/2015-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Renault Symbol/Thalia 01/2013-12/2020 (433MHz)(L52)
    for Renault Talisman 06/2015-12/2020 (RFD 433MHz)
    for Renault Trafic 01/2014-12/2020 (433MHz)(X82)
    for Renault Twingo 01/2007-06/2020 (433MHz)(X44)
    for Renault Wind 06/2010-12/2016(433MHz)(X33)
    for Renault Zoe 07/2019-12/2020 (433MHz)
    for Infiniti Q60 07/2013-06/2016 (433MHz)(L53A/CV36)
    for Infiniti QX40 04/2017-06/2019 (433MHz)(PD2A)
    for Infiniti QX50 01/2014-12/2019 (PAC 433MHz)(P53B/J50)
    for Infiniti QX70 01/2014-06/2020(PAC 433MHz)(P53C/S51)
    for Infiniti QX80 01/2013-12/2020 (433MHz)(Z62)

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