High Flow Air Filter Air Filter Element Bellows Kit
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High Flow Air Filter Air Filter Element Bellows Kit


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Product information:

Model: Universal carbon fiber bellows

Purpose: improve air intake

Adapted models: GM

Supporting relationship: supporting

High-flow modified air intake pure carbon fiber bellows set/superconducting flow belt power wheel intake pipe/air filter element

A: Without small mushroom head

B: With small mushroom head


1. Low noise, increase horsepower

2. The carbon fiber shell is not only lightweight and beautiful, but also can effectively block heat insulation.

3. The wind net inside the mushroom head can be cleaned and reused

4. Inside is a dedicated dual-intake high-flow wind network

5. Applicable to all models


1. Effectively improve the high-speed torque output of the engine.

2. The throttle becomes lighter.

3. Save fuel. The increase in air intake will result in more complete combustion of the engine mixture, which will allow you to travel longer distances with the same fuel.

4. Improve driving smoothness. The air collecting box is designed to store a large amount of fresh air, which can effectively improve the frustration caused by insufficient air intake in the case of ordinary oil return, and make the driving smoother.

5. Reduce engine carbon deposits, protect the engine and extend its life.

6. It can be cleaned and used repeatedly, and it is a highly cost-effective power conversion product!

Size information:


1. The inner diameter of the double outlet of the bellows: 7cm, the outer diameter is 7.5cm

2. The main body of the bellows has a diameter of 13.2cm, a length of 19cm, and an overall length of 24.5cm

3. The caliber of the telescopic hose: 7.6cm, the length is about 0.24m-1m

4. Adapter tube 6.5cm to 7.5cm

5. The inlet turbine has an inner diameter of 6.0cm, an outer diameter of 6.5cm, and a length of 7.5cm

Packing list :


1. Size reducer adapter rubber sleeve X 2 pcs

2.Stainless steel hose X 2

3. Retractable steel wire spring tube X 1 piece

4. Real carbon fiber superconducting air box X 1 piece

Weight 1.20 kg
Dimensions 400 × 250 × 150 cm

A, B

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