XKC-C382 Intelligent Automatic Water Replenishment Supply System Controller Liquid Level Sensor
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XKC-C382 Intelligent Automatic Water Replenishment Supply System Controller Liquid Level Sensor


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  • is_customized: Yes
  • Theory: Capacitance Sensor
  • Usage: Level Sensor
  • Model Number: XKC-C382
  • Material: Polymer
  • Output: Switching Transducer
  • Brand Name: XINGKECHUANG
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Applications:: water level sensor,liquid level sensor


XKC-C382-110V-220V-XP high and low level controller and two non-contact liquid level detection heads realize the function of liquid level high and low control: when the container liquid level is too low, the low liquid level alarm signal sent by the low liquid level sensor is triggered to trigger C382 The controller closes the relay and starts the water pump to add the liquid level. When the liquid level reaches a certain height, the high liquid level sensor sends out a signal to trigger the C382 controller to open the relay and automatically stop the water pump to work in this way. Thereby, the function of automatic control of the container liquid level is realized, and the container liquid level is kept stable.

2、Product Features

AC110V-220V wide voltage power supply
Relay active contact output, suitable for various load control.
The control is diversified, and the pump can be controlled in manual or automatic mode.
Screw wall mounting is simple and convenient.

3、Product selection model

XKC-C382-1P, (with 1 sensor);
XKC-C382-2P, (with 2 sensors);
XKC-C382-3P, (with 3 sensors);

4、Technical Parameters

1.Input voltage:AC 110V-220V (wide voltage)
2.The output voltage:AC 110V-220V
3.Working current:≤7A
4.Operating Voltage:AC 110V-220V
5.Power consumption:≤2W
6.Load power:When the supply voltage is 110V: the maximum power is 800W
When the power supply voltage is 220V: the maximum power is 1600W
If you need to control the load exceeding this limit parameter, please install an intermediate relay
7.Alarm Output:800W-1600W(Resistive load)
8.output method:Relay normally open contact
9.working environment:Temperature -20~80℃, relative humidity ≤80%
10.Installation method:Screw wall mounting
12.Safety standard certification:CE
13.Environmental certification:CCC

5、Button function description

K1 button: Press K1 to cycle between automatic control or manual control mode.
K2 button: K2 button can only be used in manual mode or alarm state. The function of the external button is parallel to the button on the controller panel, so the function of the external button is the
same as that of the panel button。

6、Recommended installation method description

Controller installation method; XKC-C382 high and low water level controller can be directly installed on the wall or used in an electric box or electric cabinet, as shown in the figure below, and fix it on the wall with its own screws.
Sensor probe installation: different types of sensor probes have different installation methods, please refer to the relevant chapters of the specifications corresponding to the sensor model you are using. I won’t repeat them here.


8、Product size and physical map


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